torstai 10. kesäkuuta 2021

Nautical Aesthetics III

 This is just a short question to be considered:

What is the nucleus of the nautical aesthetics? We can appreciate and think philosophically about anything even not knowing too much about the scope or subject itself. I cannot answer immediately. So, I ask you, my possible reader, to search for Ivan Aivazovsky's sea paintings. Are they pure romantics without any experience of seafaring? Why and how do they resemble modern they digital photos with exaggerated colors? How was he able to see how the waves look like in heavy weather? You cannot definitely see the sea like that through a camera. So, Aivazovsky, I guess, has had time to look at the waves and learn all those visions that last only fragments of seconds.

I guess the sea romantics can be divided into to two: the empty and the full or external and internal of however. Striped t-shirts wore by in the sailing club restaurant does not necessarily have anything to do with the sea. Nor does the clean white and blue Musto or Helly Hansen clothes. The same clothes with some epoxy stains and fixed rifts are something else. At least they tell that a yacht master is really the master of his yacht.

Admiring the sea does not depend on sailor's, artist's or perceiver's experience directly, but I guess looking the ocean through a hotell window will yield quite a different results than welding the bulb off shore after colliding with something that disappeared.