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Nautical Aesthetics, part one

 Nautical Aesthetics (Proofreader needed!) Introduction I have always loved the sea, all of them I have been, which is not much: the Baltic and the Atlantic. I love also sailing, but I have never been to racing nor to family cruising. I wish I could sail with a couple of good friends over the Baltic anomaly (please, refer to Google). I wish I could once more sail along the huge swell after a storm raging somewhere far enough. Google, our friend of knowledge gave me next to nothing about nautical or sea aesthetics. The first results were clothes, fragrances, furniture and so on. So, something I would call sea romantics. Aesthetics of the unexperienced (which, indeed, would be a topic for a doctoral thesis alone). I was amazed. I was almost almost fazed! (My possible international reader. In Finland there is an ages old chocolate brand "Fazer". The name is from Karl Fazer, who started the business here. I guess only a tiny minority of the Finns thinks the meaning of the name. T