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Therapy for the Stars

For about ten years ago, I have started an enterprise specialized in treating people in extraordinary life phases. Customers are usually very wealthy people who have lost their status in different ways. Typically they are ex-rock stars, ex-top ranked politicians or ex-managers of different kind of enterprises. There have been also monarchs not willing to keep their position.

The Institution is situated on a remote island quite in the middle of the Baltic Sea in order to prevent the customers escaping and giving up during the treatment. All the customers are very well instructed that most of the time the sea water is so cold that virtually no one can swim in it longer than a couple of minutes. More over, the next island is barely visible, when the visibility is as its best. The beaches of the island are monitored precisly. However, the institute is not a prison. The customers are free to discontinue the treatment at will, which rarely happens.

The treatment begins naturally by estimating the client's current status, including the overall condition, addictions, social relationships and economical situation. The last one is not because of the costs of the treatment, but to estimate his or her possibilities after the treatment. The most of the clients have remarkable fortunes, but many of them have also remarkable debts. During the treatment these ex-celbrities make plans for their future. Usually there is no return to any kind of limelights, and the have to accept, that they cannot continue their old way of life. They have to accept that there is no ways of choose any life style, but to take the full responsibility for the the rest of their live.

The main aim of the treatment is to give the customer a possibility either continue his or her career. If this possibility is not clear, the aim is to teach the customer live ordinary life, go to work regularly and what ever is seen the most important for the rest of their lives. Some of the earlier customers have continued their career as a rock star or politician. Some of them have found a less stressful jobs on their branches as producers, teachers and so on. The minimum aim is to live without drugs, alcohol, the public gaze and as relaxed as possible for some time. This can be very satisfactory.

For the customers' safety, the exact position of the institute is not public. It is accessible only by boat or during fair weather by aircraft able to land on water. The institute is not a luxury hotel, but the condition is acceptable. The personnel are not servants, which has caused some conflicts. This condition appears in the treatment contract. The customers are not allowed to use cellular phones. There is a web connection on the island, but the usage is limited. Customers are allowed to use the phone of the institute, if absolutely necessary. Customers may receive phone calls only under watch by a member of the personnel. The e-mail as well as all the other usage of the internet is watched over.

If needed, the treatment begins in a private hospital. When their condition is good enough they travel to the island. It is usually a shock for them, so we they are given a couple of days to familiarize to the institution and its habits. The most important thing during the first weeks is to gain an acceptable times of sleeping and being awake. Wake up is at eight o'clock and silence at ten o'clock in the evening. If necessary, the crew can black out the whole the institue. Medicines are avoided, but there is at least one doctor on the island constantly. If medicines are necessary, they can be given. One of the aims of the treatment is to teach the customers live without constant usage of medicines of narcotics.

Daily rhythm is as precise as in the army. Meals are served exactly according to the schedule. Basically the schedule consists of lessons, work, arts and physical activities. Some of the customers are so new to the physical work, that no sharp tools are to be given them. On the other hand, almost all of them have some very extraordinary skills and abilities. Some of the rock stars are really talented musicians, which, of course, is considered during the treatment and making the future plans. Almost all politicians are extremely talented verbally and every now and then they succeed to manipulate the institute personnel. However, the institute has its rules, which all the customers have to accept before entering the island or the hospital. Breaking them is a reason for sanction, which might be extra work or even locking up in a cell, if needed for safety. Lessons deals with knowledges needed daily in norma life. Moreover, every customer has to study mathematics, write texts in his or her native language and study at least one foreign language: English, Russian, French, Germany or Spanish. Most of the customers are intelligent and some of them seemingly enjoys studying. During leisure time there are several activities everyone can take part. Usually there is at least one rock band running. Carpentry has also been very popular.

Discipline is strict. No narcotics are allowed. If a patient has such an addiction, the worst withdrawal symptoms are treated in the hospital. After that, necessary drug treatment continues to the end of the whole treatment. Alcoholics are not accepted, except in special situations, like holy communion (An ecumenic mass is arranged once a month), birthdays and son on. In these cases the portions are small and divided by a personnel member. Personnel can also deny to give any alcohols to anyone. Basically, the small portion is allowed for anyone or no one, and decision for dividing is made case-by-case. As a part of AA program, students are encouraged to look after answers to spiritual questions and problems. However, no one is forced to accept or deal with any religion.

The aim of the treatment is discussed with the customer, his family members and financier, if there is such an associate. The starting point is the customer's welfare. It is quite usual, that customers record label or political party finances the treat. In such cases the aim of the treatment can be his ability to continue his career. As the treatment is based on welfare, the financiers are have to understand, that it is very usual that this kind on aim is not possible anymore. Often the financier is still interested in paying the treatment. In these cases the costs of the treatment is lower than the visible harm the customer is going to cause.

The costs of the treatment varies from 1000 to 3000 € per day, depending on the treatment. The most expensive is the treatment in the hospital. The lowest fare is fore the customers taking part in maintaining the institute. Typically the treatment lasts from three months to one year, during which they are allowed to have short vacation for meeting the family members and take care of their personal affairs. More important matters, for example pertaining their possessions are arranged by their lawyers. Also, the customers are not allowed to sign the treatment agreement without their personal lawyer. Typical invoice covering all the costs of the treatment varies between 100.000 and 500.000 €. The sums sounds quite a lot of money, actually it is only a fragment of, say, costs of a private jet aircraft, which the customers do not need during the treatment.

The privacy of the institute, as well as the safety of the the customers, is watched very strictly. Journalists can not visit the institute and paparazzis will be arrested. This is allowed to do by the law of the home country of the institute. Paparazzis arrested are extradited to the police and usually sued. There are armed guardians on the island. There are also trained german shepherds to find lost customers and to stop intruders. These dogs are the very best on their job and regards the customers as family members. So, the customers can treat them like pets. If aggressive without order, the dog will be euthanized and the harms caused by him will be compensated. The customers are asked to understand, that the dogs are for the safety. Usually customers have had good time walking the dogs or playing with them.

The institute is a good business. However, due to the delicate nature of its work and the situation of the customers, publicity about it is strictly watched over. The enterprise is incorporated, but the head of the institute holds the most of the shares. All the co-operators are asked to keep the secrets concerning the customers, if revealed. This has not been a problem, because the institute is very stable and wealthy accountant.

Contact information is available through our agencies in Tokyo, New York, Moscow, Brussels, Cape Town and Buenos Aires. Please, see the telephone book for RehabOutstand, inc.

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